Attach buffer node to workstation/workbench

Hi all,

I was just wondering which functionality to activate to attach Attach buffer node to workstation/workbench. In this way, whenever I move the workstation in a different location buffer nodes do the same.


You have to use “Attach” in hierarchy

More about this on academy:

Dear Anhu,

thank you very much for your reply and efforts.

However, I have already gone through this video. The video explains how to attach object to object by operating in the Home tab.

When I try this approach to a buffer process node, it does not work. This is because when I’m in the home tab I cannot select the buffer node.

How can I proceed?


Why can’t you see the buffer node in Home tab, have you hidden the component or does it not have any geometry?
You can still select invisible components using the Cell graph panel, or unhide them.

Yeah now I figured It wasn t visible.