Assign ascending sequence number


I am working on a JIS (just in sequence) assembly line with works processes. What I want to do now is to give each part created an ascending sequence number. Parts with a lower number should be processed with priority.I also want to be able to evaluate how much the sequence has been swirled at the end of the line. Is that even possible? If so, thank you in advance for your help.

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With the ascending number, that could be done by using User Variable in Works Process. You could either set or create property in part and its value is based on user variable value. After assignment, you increment the user variable.

With priority itself, there are several ways to try this. Downstream you could ask for higher priority parts, i.e. in time before they are needed, and the Task Controller should still have a Priority note. See Tasks reference guide on this forum.

With the swirl, I cannot think of a tool to do that other than collecting statistics and using API.

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