Assembly tasks in VR

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There is now a new layout and component in the VR Interaction folder of the eCatalog. Note that in order to interact with objects in VR you must have Visual Components 4.2 or later and have the Premium license.

The new layout is Interactive VR Assembly Demo, where you can have a go at assembling a simple gearbox in virtual reality. The assembly instructions are shown in front of you, and you can pick up parts by holding down the grip button of your VR controller. Once you have picked up a part, the correct placement location is displayed as a blue ‘ghost’.

The assembly tasks are made possible by the new component, VR Assembler. To create a similar layout of your own, you must have the DeviceController, the Assembler, and the parts you want to assemble.

Creating the assembly is done by pushing the buttons on the Assembler. First, you should select one of the parts to be the main assembly where the other sub-assemblies will be placed. After that, position the parts as you want them to be once assembled, and press the ‘Generate reference assembly locations’ button, saving these locations. Finally, place the parts to the side where you want to pick them from and press the ‘Generate home locations’ button.

The demo is proof of concept, and more features will be added in the future. You can also customize the scripts in the device controller and assembler to implement your own features.
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I have been familiarizing myself with the VR all day and still blown away really great job. I was also wondering if there was plans in the future to add support for two controllers in the VR environment
it is something our costumers are adamant about in order to simulate operator loading unloading and assembly more accurately.

hope to hear back soon thanks.

Carlos Plazas

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This is fantastic fantastic stuff!!! I just tried it myself and I am blown away by it it works Great! and the blue 'shadows are an amazing touch that will come in handy. I know this is just the proof of concept but I am already super excited about what is to come.

what are the future plans for this!! would love to hear them.

also have a question. about how this can be incorporated with other components or signals.

For example when I hit a “cycle start button” the part is trasnported into another process and the table resets and I get to build another assembly.

or maybe the other way around when the assembly is finished it the machine can send out a signal.
this is so that we could use this example in the following application

have a station where you are supposed to load parts and you use this system to load the parts in the station geometry in the right locations and orientations. once you load all the parts the “assembly” will be complete and it will allow the line to run if the operator presses a cycle start button.

Im wondering how far off we are from achieving something like this.

really fantastic work though. very excited

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Thank you @CarlosPlazas!

We provide the demo layouts as examples of what can be done with the software, and hope that our skilled users get inspired to create their own solutions.

The VR functionalities rely heavily on python scripting and I highly recommend everyone interested in creating VR solutions in VC to check out the vcVREvents in the python API. Experimenting with the existing components and inspecting the scripts that these components use will help a lot in the beginning also.

I believe that everything you just described can already be done by modifying the python scripts to implement the necessary functionalities. Of course we will also provide more components and examples in the future.


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Thats really exciting to hear that we can already achieve this with python scripting

I am still fairly new to visual components only had it for a couple months and have yet to dive into python scripting but will definitely start looking into it thanks! I heard more VR functionality will be coming in 4.3 any teasers you have of what is to come?