Assembly routing based on products in it

Hi to all again, I’m still struggling with an assemblies.

I need to create an assembly from more different products and based on the products in the assembly I need to do other actions.

Process description: The pallet stops at the process node point, it is filled with products. Products come from the feeder and are different, but always is there the whole batch of same products to fill the complete assembly /pallet.
Then I need to write “String” into assembly, based on products. Because this string I’d like to use for further routing.

I’ve made a file where is an example, only reading /writing strings don’t work. Or writing is OK, but the condition to write a string according to incoming products is not OK

I’d very much appreciate any help or idea on how to solve it. Or if you have any ide

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

assembly.vcmx (1.1 MB)