Assembly of two products from different processes

Hi, once the boxes are stacked, can you join the stack with the pallet underneath and go out to the conveyor together as if they were one object? In several videos I have seen that you can do something similar by creating assemblies but I don’t know if it is the best option for this case. The stacks of boxes are not always red and the pallets and boxes go through different processes.

PRUEBA.vcmx (3.2 MB)

You can do it in your process where you have the pallet (From Conveyor).
Use TransportPatternStatement to bring boxes on pallet.
see help file:

Attach this boxes to pallet by using Attach statement


I have not managed to do it. I have problems with the TransportPatternStatement.
Paletización.vcmx (3.3 MB)

I simply want the first pallet to wait for the first stack of boxes to go together