Assembly not forming

it’s hard to say where the probleme is with just a screenshot…
Is your Flow defined correctly?
Do you have messages appearing in the Output?

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No messages have appeared, it just stays on that step and continues to run the time

Hey @Tilma the more i try to solve this the more confused I get. I am lead to belief that it is my from conveyor process that is the issue. As it is getting stuck on the first transportOut. This is what all of the transportout information looks like below?

If i change the destination to component container, the products vanish when they reach the node

Cartesian robot2 v0.7.vcmx (778.7 KB)
Could someone have a look to see if they can see what is going wrong??
it would be greatly appreciated

I think it would really help if you tried simple examples with Assemblies first…

I would put the Tray Pack assembly in the Flow Group #2 with the box.
When you create the Box, it shouldn’t be the ProductType Box, but the first step of your assembly Tray Pack (–> see Academy video).
And in Process #1, you use the first TransportIn for the box (which should already be the first step of your assembly as I said), so you only need one GetAssembly+TransportIn for the Cartridges…

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