Assembly flow with Manual Work


Is there anyone that have made a process flow with an assembly without using a conveyor as the product container?

In my case I want to assemble three different components into one assembly over three different operation steps. The problem is to design the flow step as I have to direct both the assembly and the “adding components” in the same flow group.

Please help me with a solution for this,
ProcessFlow.vcmx (186.1 KB)
You can find an attached model which.

// Olle

please try to add Flowsteps to your Process Flow Editor. If you are working with VC 4.5 upwards, you can use parallel Processes in a single Flowstep.
For more information watch this video on the academy: Process Modeling Flow Editor | Visual Components Academy


Have a look at some Layouts from the eCatalog, like Assembly Cell Cobots or Engine Assembly layout, maybe it can give you ideas.


Thank you cassian35 for the tip,
I will have a look! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Tilma !

I will look for insporation.