Assembly / Disassembly without conveyor


I’m new to ProcessModelling.

I am trying to create a process, where I am loading Parts from a pallet to a machine and unloading the parts to another (empty) pallet… nothing spectacular. The assembling/disassembling part works so far, but moving the pallet away, when the rawpart pallet ist empty or when the finishedpart pallet is full is not working.

I watched How to complete an Assembly or Disassembly Task | Visual Components Academy, but I couldn’t figure out how to move away the pallets.

Another behaviour I don’t understand is, why a second pallet from “CreateEmptyPallet” is moved to UnloadFinishedPart, but there is already a pallet.

Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:


Process.vcmx (3.6 MB)

Pallet and Part both come from previous process, that’s the root cause, set product filter in assembly editor for every Teile.

Thanks for the help!
I also needed to set the Source from my Sinks to Previous Process, which helped for SinkFinishedPallet.
For SinkEmptyPallet it started to unload “Teil” Parts. Then I set the Filter of the Sink to only allow “Palette”, but this did not help.

Any suggestions?
Here is my latest layout:

Process.vcmx (3.6 MB)

Hi @juergenb ,
it’s better to divide the products and assemblies into several Flow Groups : 1 for the pallet and assembly, and one for the products for example. That way it’s easier to define what is going where.

For your “SinkEmptyPallet” process, you should select the assembly in the “AcceptedProductTypes”, as it is the empty assembly which arrives.
In your “UnloadFinishedPart” process, you can add the Assembly in the product filter, so that the first TransportIn only works for the assembly (empty pallet), and not for the other parts.

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Thank you for your feedback. Works like a charm!
Here is the result:
Process.vcmx (3.6 MB)

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