Assembly/disassembly of the moving platform.

Please help me solve this problem. There is a robot and a table feed system that needs to be simulated. The workflow is as follows:

  1. The platform (yellow in the sketch) approaches.
  2. The first row of cylinders is brought to the assembly point.
  3. The robot grabs the entire row of cylinders with a gripper and places them on the conveyor beneath it.
  4. The platform advances one row forward, and the cycle repeats.

I have done the assembly, but I can’t make it so that a row is removed from the assembly, the platform then advances a certain distance, and then the next row is assembled. I have studied all the assembly/disassembly tutorials in the academy and found nothing suitable. I would be very grateful for your help. It would also be good to do this with the Essentials license tools. Thank you!

The easiest way might be to have an entire row as an assembly or product, and then define each row as a step (you can copy paste a Step in itself, add an offset, and then copy paste this step with offset as many times as you need, so it’s actually really quick to do a lot of rows as seperate steps)
In this example, I used a Translational Axis, which you can find in the eCat under “Signal Positioners”. I attached the process node on the link and with the mode “Axis Signal”, I made this Translational axis move forward after each step/row was picked.
Layout_Test_Disassembly Moving Platform_1.vcmx (1.2 MB)


Just to try, but not as quick to implement when you have a lot of rows:
Layout_Test_Disassembly Moving Platform_2.vcmx (1.2 MB)


If it is a continuous process of platforms going in and out of the system, another alternative is to use the index conveyor.
With this approach you can adjust the step-distance to match your advancing distance, and for every step you attach a process node which assigns the robot to place one row.

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Thank you so much, guys! I will try to implement it

Good day. I apologize for messaging you directly and thank you once again for answering my question.

Unfortunately, my current knowledge does not allow me to properly utilize this information, and I require more assistance :slight_smile: I am gradually learning Visual Components, but the tasks need to be addressed immediately.

Do you perhaps offer paid consultations on VC functionality and solving specific problems? We are involved in manufacturing equipment for greenhouses and want to master modeling in VC, but there is very little information and examples available.

Thank you in advance for your response!

When I started using visual components I ran into similar issues, it can take quite some time and practice to get to know the software.
If Tilma is not open to this, I would be happy to assist you with consultancy/building models.
I’m using it for exactly that purpose in my daily work as well.

Let me know your contact information in case you want to reach out

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Hello Jesper!
I would love to cooperate with you! How do you prefer to communicate?

You should probably not share your phone number here. Maybe give me your e-mail or Linkedin, or what else you prefer, and then we discuss further

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Sure! Feel free to contact me via