ASRS-Crane syntax problem in VC

 triggerCondition(lambda: getTrigger() == crane_ready )
  newMtx = * toComp.WorldPositionMatrix * locationMatrix)
  goY = newMtx.P.Y 
  goZ = newMtx.P.Z - gripper.ProcessHeight 
  servo.move(goY, goZ)
  print (newMtx)

I want to ask how the code (comp.InverseWorldPositionMatrix * toComp.WorldPositionMatrix * locationMatrix) multiplies these three to get newMtx and then take the Y and Z axis coordinates.
I see that the value obtained by newMtx is<vcMatrix object at 0x0000000034A089D8> but I can’t understand the meaning.



If you search the vc-help you can find out that the “*”-operator is a matrix multiplication. Find details about this mathematical operation by searching the internet.

In the vc-help you also can also find python method which is called “printMatrix”, maybe this is helpful for you?


Thank you for your guide to printMatrix usage.
I want to ask what comp.InverseWorldPositionMatrix, toComp.WorldPositionMatrix, locationMatrix are defined. I have a view on vc-help that I don’t understand.