Articulated kinematics value is not changing for 6DoF robot

I am currently trying to make a model of an articulated robot. To create 6DoF robot I am using UR3e Universal robot as refference. I am using Visual Components Premium 4.1. While creating the model from model behavior there is no ArticulatedKinematics option but there is PythonKinematics option. If I import ArticulatedKinematics from upper Behaviour tool it creates ArticulatedKinematics2 option in new robot model Behavior tree but if I change the value of ArticulatedKinematics2 nothing happens in the main model. Regarding this how to change the articulatedKinematics value in the main model? Thank you.


Adding AKin2 behavior doesn’t do anything by itself because link offsets in node tree aren’t referring to the kinematic lengths inside AKin2. I would suggest to use some different robot as template that uses AKin2. For example ABB IRB 120 is such a robot.

The reason why UR uses python kinematics is that its kinematic chain is fundamentally different from typical industrial robot. UR has 4th axis parallel to axes 2 and 3 whereas typically 4th is perpendicular to axis 3. Therefore UR cannot be modeled using AKin2.


Thanks a ton for your valuable advice. It worked.