AREAPLAN Add-on: Plan and optimize your production areas


Plan and optimize your shop allocation with AREAPLAN

The available assembly area can be a serious bottleneck when it comes to scheduling and capacity planning for the assembly of special machines or bulky products at the construction site. Additional complications to be considered are changing delivery, assembly, commissioning and dismantling times and restrictions such as the floor load-bearing capacity, construction height and crane loads. With AREAPLAN, we help you efficiently plan assembly projects in a limited area under these conditions. Area planning becomes completely transparent, and optimized processes save you money.

How you benefit from shop planning with AREAPLAN?

  • Better utilization of the available area in the assembly shop
  • Greater transparency for all involved in assembly processes at the construction site
  • Convenient area requirement planning in a dynamic 3D factory layout
  • Allocating areas and scheduling sequences on a single platform reduces planning work
  • Specific statements about project feasibility and delivery dates
  • Optimization/Restriction tests (project collissions, Warnings on project and building properties, Payload and crane hook height, needed media connections)

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