Area of an Object


I am trying to create a property by using Python API where it should show the area of the Component. If I import a CAD model the area of the CAD Model that I imported should be visible when it is in §D environment. I am trying to find a way to do so. Can somebody help me with this?

I am thinking to do this from the position matrix where I can calculate the points and the area from it. Or suggest me some other ways.



Hy Davinci,

look in VC-Help for “vcNode”, there are some Properties like “BoundCenter” and “BoundDiagonal”.

In combination with positionMatrix you should be able to solve it?

Best Regards


Hi Feature,


Thanks for your suggestion. If I can create four nodes that bounds the area then from the Position of the nodes I might calculate the area.

or please suggest me how I can solve this “Area of an Object”




do you have an example component?



Unfortunately I don’t have one.

But for example if we consider a Cube or Cylinder or a Cone , how to find the area of this Component by using Python API. Are there any Methods existing to achieve this?