An AGV must wait until the next AGV leaves entirely the process after finishing task

Hi VC Community,

I’ve been working in a project where there is a Table with 4 AGVs executing 2 differents missions as the

picture below shows.

Mission 1 (In Blue) : (1 or 2) - Pick product from P1 -----> Place to P2 -----> Pick another product from

P2 -----> Place to P4

Mission 2 (In Red) : (3 or 4) Pick product from P4 -----> Place to P5

Questions :

How to make an AGV waits to previous process until another AGV finished task and leaves entirely its

next process destination without enabling the avoidance wizard ?

Maybe a kind of signal between the two AGVs ? (when AGV leaves the place, it sends a signal to

second AGV)

Hi @Konan,
the Signal Relay Component from the Misc folder allows you to relay signals while visualizing their values.

In missions you can use send signal and wait signal steps to communicate.