AMD or Intel ,Graphic workstation or Game PC, what is the best choice for simulation?

Hi everyone,

I want use vc to simulate a process line with hundreds of components , such as Robots , Lamps , Sensors with a lot of behaviors and scripts , and link with PLCSIM
I found the simulataion very slow when show all units , just like slide.If i hided most of all, it faster than before .but still slow.
I test it on a normal game Laptop (I7 7XXX ,gtx 1050).
So, it’s the problem could be solved by hardware ? AMD or Intel ,Graphic workstation(Quarto RTX) or Game PC(2080ti), what is the best choice for simulation?

Basically the whole VC application is single-threaded so having a high end CPU with many cores generally doesn’t help compared to a “normal” CPU with similar single-thread performance but fewer cores.

VC uses the GPU only for rendering, and if you e.g. have lots of geometry the rendering process can also be limited by CPU speed instead. If you can see a performance difference between the basic “shaded” and the “realistic” display modes then a faster GPU could help but its difficult to say for certain. You can also check the GPU utilization percentage from the Windows task manager to get an idea.

Note that if you are using the Blenderer add-on for rendering images or videos it can fully utilize high-end CPUs and GPUs.

NVIDIA graphics cards seem to have fewer driver issues than AMD so those are recommended. Benefit from having Quadro versus a similar Geforce card is likely minimal if any.

I would always look into optimizing your simulation logic itself first, because with better hardware you might be able to get e.g. 2x the performance but if your simulation is made poorly it could be optimized to run e.g. 10x faster.
VC support can give you some tools and tips for that optimization.

Thanks a lot! :grinning:

By the way,INTEL i7-1065G7 or AMD 3950X , what is the best choice?