Allign products with different widths on a conveyor

Hi! Maybe someone can help me with this, I am fairly new with programming in VC.

I have a two way conveyor with a two way path. At the start of the two way path a ProductCreater creates my products. These products are rectangular blocks with different widths (Y direction, they move in X-direction). Thusfar I can create these components and get them to move along the path.

However, before moving along the path I want to allign the products against some senors (orange in the pic below) before moving along the path. Every different product has a different translation needed to move towards these sensors. How do I implement this in Python? Do I move the two way path for each product? Do I translate the base of the product?

Translate the MovementOrigin of the product entering the conveyor.
Test align.vcmx (177.4 KB)


Thanks for the help! That should work. I can’t believe I missed the MovementOrigin propertie when looking in the manual…