AGV Picking Problem

I’m working on warehouse project. I use 8 AGV for this system. AGV carry pallets to robot stations. I have 10 stations and 5 robots. I’m working with works library. AGV’s waiting “Need” order from work process but this create a bottleneck in my system. When AGV wait for “Need” order I want that, AGV wait loaded with pallets.

That is is easy to do by using either a HumanProcess task that calls the AGV to a station, Idle timeout which forces AGV to go to idle location to wait for task, or assigning a route to the vehicle to move and wait somewhere.

Please can you make an example ? I am not clear. Thanks for help.

Well, there is a whole lesson on this stuff. But here is something I made in a few minutes. Main issue you have to figure out is how to place the different items as one, which I didn’t do in my layout. It is just a simple test.

Test-Move-and-Wait-and-Pick-and-Place-with-AGV.vcmx (5.48 MB)

There is also a video tutorial for this on Visual Components youtube page.

Here is the link:


Thanks Ozan and Zesty.

Hi Everyone;


I tried just for one AGV and I got it. But When I want to adapt my system, I failed and I got some errors. I can’t solve this problem, I attach all code parts, thanks for help.