AGV Pick and Drop Sequences

Hi everyone. I just startet to use AGV and now there is a problem: I have Pick Up Locations A,B,C and Drop Locations X,Y. Is there a way to define the order in which the robot goes to the different locations? I want it like this: 1. Pick A --> Drop X, 2. Pick B–> Drop Y, 3. Pick C --> Drop Y. I want to use only one robot.

At the Pick Up Locations I can only say that the call should be made to the nearest robot. Then I thought that the use of a AGV Task Sequencer would be the solution but when you put the three Pick Up Locations in there, it results in: Pick A, Pick B, Pick C --> Drop X, Drop Y, Drop Y. But the robot should just pick and place one part after another…

Visual Components says, they want feedback for the AGV beta, do you know where is the best place to give feedback? I think the Task Sequencer Model really needs improvements.



Hey Sarah,

As far as I knew and could figure out myself this isn’t possible with the standard components.

Therefore I’ve modified the AGV Task Sequencer. You can find a property called “PickThenDropSingle” in the component if you set the value to “True” then it will pick from one station specified in the note of the “AGV Task Sequencer” component and then drop those at the “AGV_DropLocationName” at the “AGV_PickCount” you specify in the pick station.

You could also give more than one “AGV_DropLocationName” for example X,Y but then you would also need to give more entries in “AGV_PickCount” for example 1,2.

You can find a layout and the modified component in the attachment.

I hope that helps.


AGVLayout.vcmx (302 KB)

VC_AGV_TaskSequencer_modified.vcmx (117 KB)

some example. Need to see the python script in the component “AGV Task Sequencer”.

test_AGV.vcmx (275 KB)

Hi Everyone,

I have just started to use AGV’s and I want to transport a robot from A to B to C, stopping at each location to execute a robot programme. The robot is positioned on the AGV. How do I stop the AGV and then trigger the Robot to execute a specific task? Then also when the robot is finished the task at location A, move the AGV to location B and execute another task all within the same simulation? I have been using the AGV Drop Location “UnloadingTime” to stop the AGV for a block of time as I dont know how or if I can modify the AGV wait location…



Not sure how to do that with AGV library, but attached is a test showing an AGV with a mounted robot. The script is Adept Lynx::PythonScript3.

Note: From my understanding, event listeners for vcSimVehicle are not implemented/working. And I have no idea how to make a Transport Protocol work in 4.0 to handle the task assignment to robot vehicle. If someone has a working example, please share, especially if it has a PLC connection.

Test-Robot-mounted-vehicle.vcmx (1.01 MB)

Example-code-for-RMV.txt (1.51 KB)

In my experience, you cannot deal with most real application using standard AGV library. It is even easier to write your own task scheduling script. See PythonScript in AGV component.


i just started using VC and i have a similar problem right now. Is there an easy way to archieve Sarah’s goal implemented?

Yes, using routes. See the Works Routes guide available on the forum.