AGV area assignment

Assuming that there are two different types of AGV running on the Area1 and Area2 separately. In the AGV property panel, I can assign the running related running area to each AGV. What if AGV1 can run both on the Area1 and Area2, but AGV2 can only run on the Area2. I tried to assign Areaid as Area1,Area2 but failed. Any one can provide the solution to combine the area 1 and 2 for AGV running? A lot of thanks!


Your resource may only have one AreaID value (like “pedestrian”), but Your area components (like “lane”) may have a list (csv) of area id values in AreaID property.

AreaID value in pathfinding areas could be e.g. “pedestrian,agv”. In this case, any resource that have AreaID value “pedestrian” or “agv” can utilize this area.

If AreaID in area component is empty, then any resource can use this area (lane, lifter, area…).

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your useful advice, the common pathway can be assigned area id as “Area1,Area2”. Then component AGV1’s and AGV2’s id are “Area1” and “Area2” separately. This method solves my problem.