Adjusting Position of Components on Batch Conveyor

Dear Community,

I have a problem with a batch conveyor where the incoming objects need to accumulate “back to back”. (see first attached picture)
Sometimes the blocks arrive with a rotation of 90°. In this case the space remains between the blocks and they don’t accumulate correctly. (see second picture)
I don’t know how to solve the problem regarding the conveyor path. It might have to do with the “PathAxis” Property of the the conveyor path.

So my idea is to manipulate the position of components on a conveyor during the simulation.
Is this possible? If yes, how can I do it?
I was already trying out to modify the "comp.PositionMatrix " from a python script but without success.
If it is possible I would correct the position of the blocks with a python script.

Thanks for your help and kind regards


I believe the right way would be setting “PathAxis” to the correct axis as you predicted.

Unless there is some other reason where you would use PositionMatrix property. In that case you cold try adding a sensor to conveyor. The component signal’s value property returns the dynamic component which you want to rotate. Then you set the PositionMatrix property. See python api help file for more details. In vcMatrix section you have examples.

Hi @milloett
Better way to do it is to change origin of your dynamic components.

Always use shorter distance on X axis direction.

Hey everyone,

first of all thanks a lot for your quick answers and ideas!

I will try out to change the origin of the components.
But since there are components which need to be turned AND components who don’t I will need to create a second Component Creator.
This way two different parts will be created and one of the with the rotated origin Frame.

I will keep you updated!