Adding ribbon tabs and groups

Let me know if you need help adding new tabs and groups to the ribbon.

Attached is a tutorial for customizing the ribbon and adding new controls.

AddingRibbonTabs.pdf (331 KB)

Hi, i’m having issues with RibbonTabBase, it can’t be found. Also VisualComponents.UX.Ribbon does not exist probably the reason why RibbonTabBase can’t be found.

Probably refactored, so I do not know. Nowadays, your best bet is to reference the SDK examples. Here is a more recent post, so it might reveal the truth.

Add a reference to UX.Ribbon dll. VisualComponents.UX.Ribbon namespace is available on that dll.

That fix the issue I was facing, thank you.

The same issue happened to me.
The RibbonTabBase is in the UX.Ribbon which not shown in .NET API
If you check the definition of RibbonTabBase. It inherit a IRobbonTab interface from UX.Shared which you can check in API
BTW, I cannot create the ribbon two days even I followed the tutorials.

Contact support. The tutorial on this post is over 4 years old.

If you override “Execute” method from “ActionItem” class and then you want to execute that action, you need to call “executeAction” not “execute”:

this.execute = Execute; -------> this.executeAction = Execute;