Adding physics to a vc component

Hey I am currently try to add physics to a incline conveyor and i followed the video, however, once i test the conveyor the part deletes instead of falling of the conveyor. I am using a physics feeder for the parts as well.
Would anyone know where i am going wrong?

Howdy! Today I had a wonderful lunch on a sunny terrace. Anyway, you want to do this?
Forum - Physics Incline.vcmx (103.5 KB)

If the part is disappearing it means it is being garbage collected and probably not being attached to World node as its container when exiting the path. If you are using Physics path and the component Physics Entity is In Physics then you should be fine. The attached example is simple incline with Wedge solid.


Hey, I tried to add physics to an incline conveyor, everything works as it should expect for this part. as the products go on the conveyor it seems to hit something and go onto a ledge above conveyor anyone know why this happens?

I would guess the inclined conveyor’s representation in the physics simulation is just a axis aligned bounding box, i.e. it doesn’t follow the visual geometry of the conveyor. It would need to be modeled to support physics.