Adding models from eCatalog does not work

Hi, there, I have a problem about adding models from eCatalog. Some of the models can not display after I drag them into the environment. I have tried to delete the eCatalog folder and let it automatically downloaded again. However, after this the problem remains the same. I have to say it is not about all the models in the eCatalog, but quite a few of them. For example, all the models in ‘Demo Layout’ can not be displayed. Could anyone tell me how to deal with this problem? Thank you!

Hello, I don’t know if I can help? What is your Visual Components version?

Hi, Valentin! Yes, I am glad to get help from you. My version is 4.3

Ok, you’re welcome :grinning: I have not this version to test. What do you mean by “delete the eCatalog folder”. The common way to disable it is to uncheck it in Sources.

GIF 11-16-2022 5-53-53 PM
This is the problem, you can see that even I drag and drop an arrow or a box, it does not display in the Visual Components environment. Do you know the reason and solution?

Ok I understand, did you try the radical solution to uninstall/reinstall?

Hello, I have just tried to reinstall the software, but the problem remains the same… I think there is something wrong with the automatic download of the eCatalog models. It seems a number of the eCatalog models are not fully downloaded. Is it possible to get these eCatalog models somewhere on the Internet? Is it possible to download them by ourselves?

Hi, did you try to configure a legacy source with the Keep local copy option checked?

Yes, I have ticked them and have a local copy. I tried to load the models from my local place, but the problem is the same. I have made a record as follows. First I load a cylinder, it is ok. Then I load a block, but it can not be displayed (first problem). Afterwards I click the “clear all” button, but it seems this function does not work either (second problem). Really looking forward to a solution for this…
GIF 11-17-2022 4-32-58 PM

Mmh I think I can’t help you more on this, sorry. May I suggest you to contact VC support?

Thank you for your discussion. If anyone has some ideas about this, please feel free to leave a comment, thanks!

This problem has been solved. The reason is that the initialization of the software is influenced by some of self-defined add-ons. Thanks the help of Joel from Visual Components Support.