Adding branding, styles and themes

Let me know if you need help customizing the style, theme and appearance of the GUI.

Attached is a tutorial on how to add and create new styles and themes for the workspace.

AddingStylesThemes.pdf (195 KB)

I am getting download error “Failed - No file”

Under Attachments, did you click AddingStylesThemes.pdf? It worked for me just now.

This tutorial on styles is a bit outdated. There is no need to use UserControl.Resources. All you need to do in order to use VC styles is to reference the following namespace in XAML


and use it in your control as follows:

<TextBlock Grid.Column=“0” Text="{Binding Name}" Style="{DynamicResource VCTextBlockLargerLabelStyle}" />


<shared:ExtendedTextBox Grid.Column=“1” Text="{Binding Value}" Style="{DynamicResource VCExtendedTextBoxStyle}" />

Please see attached “VCStyle_Demo.xml” file for an example.

Regarding the resource keys for controls, I must admit that I don’t know all of the them yet but the general naming convention is “VC[Default Control Name]Style” for example “VCButtonStyle”. Attached is a word document that has some resource key I have come across and that works.

Please note that you might get a message like this when using resource key in XAML: “The resource [resource key name] could not be resolved”. I would suggest you ignore this error cause the resource will be resolved during runtime as long as you have added reference to VisualComponents.UX.Shared to your Visual Studio project. (764 Bytes) (10.5 KB)

Really nice Jay, let us know if you find more key words. This was a very simple way to make the add-ons look native!

Hello guys

Is it possible to make a video for this tutorial? I’m a beginner at Visual Studio side and not really familiar with the meaning of the stuff you are talking about. So that would be great if i can follow your steps visually. Otherwise i cant make anything work:D

Following along, in this case, is not enough imo. You would need to have a basic understanding of WPF, XAML, XML, and XML namespaces. When I had to learn this stuff, I referred to the following site all the time.

For creating a new theme, you can use a text editor to create a new theme. Just save one theme as a new file, edit the hex color values-- not the keys-- in that file, and make sure that new file is in the same folder as the other themes used in the VC product.

For using predefined styles, @Jay I think I shared the current list of keywords with you a month or so ago. Can you post it here? What I remember is that for buttons, you will need to add some padding of your own. That is, the style won’t add it for you.

Thanks Zesty i will check the website for sure.


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use a TabControl in my DockableScreen but I am unable to stylize it…

I posted the question here and @zesty answered here sending me to this post to help me.

I understood that I should use a XamTabControl instead of a simple TabControl, but I don’t know where to find it, nether what is the bound controls namespace in

x:Key="{x:Type controls:XamTabControl}"

Thanks for your help!


Searching on Google, I found that XamTabControl is provided by Infragistics WPFTM, so I added a reference to InfragisticsWPF in my project and the following namespace in my XAML view:


I also added the resource tag:

    <Style x:Key="{x:Type controls:XamTabControl}"/>

and my XamTabControl:

    <controls:TabItemEx Header="{x:Static properties:Resources.EstimateCreator}">
        <!-- Tab item content -->

But when I debug my plugin, Visual Components keeps displaying my control as following:

Up ?

Did you look at the development guide and the styles pdf in this thread? If you have a tab control in you View/wpf user control then apply the style to that element as you would using xaml. It’s been years since I’ve done this stuff, but what I remember is you need to make sure you have the xaml namspace for visual Components style reference. Otherwise, others wpuld need to help or contact support

Thank you, but I have used a lot of DataGrid Template, I can’t find the key to DataGrid. And about MenuItem, I can’t change the font which is black and is not clear on the black background.