Add tools to the quickmenu?

I want add some tools to the quick menu,for example,I want add Snap and Align to the quick menu, What do I need to do?

I believe you can add more commands in there by modifying the VisualComponents.Engine.exe.config configuration file located at the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Premium 4.3)

Search for “VcConfigureQuickmenu” site and add your command using its ID.

<Site ItemId="VcConfigureQuickmenu">
		<UxItem ItemId="CloneConnect" Priority="0"></UxItem>
		<UxItem ItemId="Delete" Priority="1"></UxItem>
		<UxItem ItemId="Interfaces" Priority="2"></UxItem>
		<UxItem ItemId="Signals" Priority="3"></UxItem>

I guess these are the commands you are interested

<UxItem ItemId="SnapPrimitiveCommand" Priority="6"></UxItem
<UxItem ItemId="AlignPrimitiveCommand" Priority="7"></UxItem>

It’s helpful, Thank you!