Add signal by PythonScript

Hello, everyone .I want to know, How to use the Python script to write a trigger signal when the machine tool starts processing, and send a signal after processing?

Hello @Cool

I recommend looking at the other machines in the eCatalog for examples.
Drag machines to the simulation world, go to the modeling tab and open the scripts to see how these machines are built. Many of the pre-made machines have the functionality to send a signal when the machine is processing.

Here is an example screenshot of the generic lathe script.

Once the process starts, the script calls the signal() method for the running signal to set the value. The value is set to True when the process starts, and False when the process ends.

To learn more, I recommend going through the Academy python programming course and checking the API documents for vcSignal.

Thanks Este , i’m studying Python programming. :grin: