Accessing child nodes

How do I access the children of ComponentCreatord

i use for loop traverse ComponentCreatord Only get output and input Merged properties How can i access single properties

Acces is through this code:

comp = getComponent()
creator = comp.getBehaviour("ComponentCreator")

#output = creator.getConnector("""Either int value or name of connector as shown in help of vcFlow """)
creator_output = creator.getConnector("Output")
crreator_input = creator.getConnector("Input")

""" You can test your connection through their parameters with print"""
print (creator_output.Name,creator_output.Output) # creator_output.Output should be True

Hello, I can identify the output input according to your way, but there is a BUG when looking for the output attribute

The display has no Output property or method

Now I want to create ComponentCreator by script and connect the corresponding behavior directly. Is there any other way you can achieve the property acquisition of Output
Thank you very much for your help(^_^)


I printed the creator_output and it seems that it’s vcConnector object. This really does not have a method/attribute called Output

Thank you very much for your help. After checking the help document, I found that this method can directly achieve script connection, but still cannot access the properties of output. What other methods can we discuss together(^-^)