Access Results of Inverse Kinematics

Hello all,
The following is using the .Net API.
I am working with a track-mounted, six-dof robot and trying to create a program that can import a set of points for the robot to move to and make sure that, for each point, the track is positioned such that the robot can access it. I can use SetExternalJoints() to update the track position but the internal joint values are never recalculated in a way that makes them available to me as the programmer. When the simulation runs, it uses the given external joint value and calculates the new internal joint values but if I try to access internal joint values from the API, even after the simulation has run, they are the same as they were before the track position was changed.

Is there a way that I can access the results of the inverse kinematic calculation or use another tool within VC to compute them?

Are you using the IMotionTarget API or something different?

Thanks for your response. I have been using a robot program and attempting to access joint values through the statements. I am pretty new to working with VC. Is IMotionTarget the preferred way of analyzing/modifying a set of motions?

Yes, or at least it gives you the most control over how the kinematics are calculated. For reachability check and recording the solved joint values you also wouldn’t need to actually simulate nor move the robot component in the world, which can be much faster to execute.