About PTP and LIN commands for robot programs

Hello brothers! I tested the PTP and LIN commands in the robot ( cartesian robot) program, but I found that they don’t seem to make any difference. The robots all seem to move along direct motion. Does anyone know why this is? Thanks a lot!


PTP motion is linear interpolation for every robot axis. With cartesian robot this motion generate linear path as Linear motion.

Different path will be generated for any robot with at least one rotational axis.

Thank you! I also ran into a problem. I made a Cartesian robot with 100ms/s speeds for both X and Y axes, theoretically it should follow the red line, but after using PTP it follows the black line anyway. It seems that the axis speeds are not taken into consideration by the system. How do I optimize this, please?

Robot controllers automatically scale the axis speeds to accommodate for the slowest axis for a given motion. This means that all axes start and stop the motion at the same time.

Thank you very much!