ABB IRB 6710, 6720, 6730 and 6740

Earlier this year ABB launched new large robot families to their 6700 lineup (ABB expands large robot family with four energy saving models, 22 variants). All of these 22 variants are now available in 4.8 eCat. Standard versions have the “MH3” property to enable dresspack up to the 3rd axis. LeanID (LID) versions have dresspacks up to the 6th axis and you can choose between material handling (MH) and spot welding (SW) dresspack.



I’ve got some models of the Estun robot. Can I offer them to you?

You mean to be put to eCat? Sure I can take a look at them and add to the catalog. I’ll contact you privately as follow-up.


I uploaded the robot model I built in my post

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