ABB external axes mapping

I have a workpiece positioner. In RAPID external axes must be in this form [9E+09,plate,arm,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]. But when I use the postprocessor I get this: [plate,arm,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]

Is there a way to map external joints to specific indices?

If this is about the Forum add-on post-processor then the indexing is hard-coded and you need to modify a bit to change the indexing. Changing line 782 like on the picture should offset index by one:

If this is about VC OLP product and it’s post-processor then it can done with component properties. After using post-processor once the external axis components should have some extra properties related to program download and you can define the external axis index with “Download::MechanismNumber” property:



Thank you! This solved my problem.

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