4.8 eCat updates

Visual Components 4.8 is out! With the new OLP features there are a lot of new things in 4.8 eCat as well. Here’s a list of the updates.


VC robots have had a facelift and there’s new hollow arm robot that is perfect for demonstrating new arc welding features. Here are the new VC robots:

  • Generic Scara Robot
  • Generic Delta Robot
  • Generic Cartesian Robot
  • Generic Articulated Robot
  • ARC-2000i

Robot Positioners
In VC robot positioners there are now two flavors if floortracks and gantries. You have the classic models with new color and new designs from our OLP team. VC Robot Positioners are as follows:

  • Heavy Robot Gantry
  • Robot Floor Track (ARC)
  • Robot Gantry
  • Robot Floor Track

Robot Workpiece Positioners
Workpiece positioners have been redesigned by our OLP team. They are better looking and more realistic in their dimensions than the old models. Here’s the new lineup:

  • Positioner
  • Positioner With Tailstock
  • Positioner - 2 Axis
  • DropCenter Positioner

Signal Positioners
This is a new type in eCat. Some old workpiece positioners that are controlled with signals were moved to this type to distinguish them from true external axes devices. Here are the signal positioners:

  • H-Frame
  • Indexing Table
  • Rotational Axis
  • Translational Axis
  • X Table Lifter

There are few new OLP related components under type Misc. One of those is the important Multirobot Controller which is essential in those multi-robot OLP layouts. Here are the additions:

  • Multirobot Controller
  • Coordinates Scale
  • Camera
  • Magnetic Base

We got some new fixture components and now there’s enough of them to justify a specific type for them. Here are the models:

Visual Components:

  • Generic Welding Fixture
  • Push-Pull Clamp
  • Toggle Clamp


  • Demmeler 500 x 200 x 200
  • Demmeler 500 x 400 x 200
  • Demmeler 2000 x 200 x 200


  • Destaco S01 Parametric

Products and Containers
There are few new products for demoing arc welding:

  • Machine Frame
  • Subassembly
  • Parametric T-Joint

Robot Tools

There are few new VC tools and 5 new tools from manufacturer Otto Suhner:

Visual Components

  • Weld Gun HollowArm
  • Weld Gun HollowArm S

Otto Suhner

  • Angle Grinder WS
  • Belt Sander Changer BSC 450/50
  • Multipurpose flap brush WEP 100
  • Orbital Angle Grinder OWS
  • Universal Robot Spindle URS 01

Facilities - Robot
From Otto Suhner there are also couple of new robot accessories:

Otto Suhner

  • Electrical Fast Changer 3 ESW 3
  • Electrical Fast Changer 5 ESW 5
  • Electrical Fast Changer 6 ESW 6

Finally there’s a new layout “Arc Welding Cell (OLP)” that provides you a realistic sandbox for testing new OLP tools:

As per usual with the new release we continue updating this newest 4.8 eCatalog and old 4.7 eCat is frozen at its current state. So be sure to upgrade to 4.8 to have access to latest eCat models.