3D connexion Space Mouse problem

Hi all you simulation nerds.

Is it only me, or does anyone else experience problems with Space mouse?

It works normally for like 10- to 60 min. then all of a sudden when i zoom, pan or rotate with the space mouse the picture freezes and when i release the mouse it jumps like a tongue of chameleon.

Like: …nothing… nothing…nothing…WHAM allattsametime200meterjump!!!

Then it continues like that until I restart the program. Until today i have tried almost everything.

New driver’s my beloved graphics card,
new drivers for space mouse,
NEW space mouse,
reinstall windows.
I have tried both KUKAsim and Visual Component…
I even bought a new " Mr. hotshot "computer. Dell XPS17 which should be enough. But NOOO…

So, today i discovered. When it decides to test my temperament with funny jumps all over MilkyWay and into the next galaxy i can still move like normal with right click and rotate…

So it must be something funny with the software between the space mouse and VC/KUKAsim.
So, is it only me?

Second question, why isn’t there any hardware forum category?
So i can brag about my new computer for you all nerds:)

Best regas
And hurry up answer, cause it takes like 2-3 billion years to send an email to Andromeda galaxy.

About the space mouse, please contact support. It will help to know what 3D mouse you are using as well as the cable, e.g. USB 3.0. And it also helps to know whether you are using more than one screen, Windows 10 and last update, and version of VC software.

I can test on my computer with VC 4.2.2, but the SpaceMouse I can test with is very old. In the past I have come across something like you described… maybe like a year or so ago.

Other things to review are the logs on your computer for VC product (support can do that) and the SpaceMouse backstage options you are using.

What you described sounds like a bug, perhaps zoom sensitivity and update rate cannot match the render of 3D world or memory issue… is VC using Nvidia on your computer or integrated graphics?

OK, i will taqalk to the support team.

I started with my old space mouse. A Space explorer( with cable, USB type A), old like my grandma. But since i had some issue finding good drivers supporting software i use i had to finally buy a new mouse (and because it is fun with new stuff). I bought space mouse wireless.
I have the issue regardless of one or two screen. I don’t have more then that, but I tell boss you told me to get a new extra one ;). Then i have 3 screen to try with.
On my old computer i tried in USB 3.0 type A, but my new computer only have USB 3.1 type C/Thunderbolt. It means i have to convert to USB 3.1 type A. The wireless mouse use a dongle.
I use windows 10 pro, version: 1909, OS build: 18363.997… I hope this is up to date.

OK, nice to hear you know about this. Or, well… not nice but at least i am not alone.
Abut the logs, no logs i have found generated by VC or KUKAsim does contain any useful according to me. But sure, if support boys can find anything useful in them they are welcome.

Since this is a laptop with this 2 graphics it uses the Intel graphics card on the internal screen and NVIDIA on the external. But it uses NVIDIA when it comes to 3D acceleration regardless of screen. So it is some kind of symbiosis as I understand it. As an answer for your question, yes. I have set visualcomponent.engine.exe and visualcomponent.engine.launcher.exe to be taken care of NVIDIA in the NVIDIA control panel.

I tested now with SpacePilot Pro with cable on second monitor. I also downloaded and installed latest driver. I could not reproduce the issue. When I lock and unlock my screen, I need to wait a few seconds before my view is rendered. Other than that, no issues except for the SpaceMouse being too sensitive without making adjustments.

GPU - GeForce 940MX
Used second monitor and connected space mouse to docking station.

sorry, i can’t help.