3. Robot Programming with Essentials

Content of the webinar:

  • Program tab GUI overview
  • Teaching Motion Points
  • Move vs. Jog manipulation mode
  • Configuring and Connecting IO:s
  • Configuring Tools (tcp) and Bases (coordinate system)
  • Conditional Statements (while, if, assign, ...)
  • External Axis
Link to recording: https://youtu.be/WyIx8bXNsbU

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RobotTeaching_Webinar.pdf (1.08 MB)


When I try to relocate the bases for the points (following every step) to the EU-pallet the points are moved in offset from the robot base. I have tried at least 20 times with the same result, the only positive result I get is that the points follow the new (but inaccurate) base. I’m using Visual components Professional 4.0.


I’ve recorded a video of the process. I have no idea what I’m missing.

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record-13.28.1214.11.2016.mp4 (1.11 MB)

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(sorry it took a while to answer. Didn’t notice your message.)

There’s a a radio button in the ribbon to lock positions to world or to reference.

Let’s say your point has X=1000 and Y=200 referenced to it’s parent. In null base the parent is robot. When you switch the base to that pallet, the points seem to move on the screen. This happens because the points will get a new reference. Now the example point has the X=1000, Y=200 offsets from the pallet.

If you wish the points to stay in the same location on the screen when switching the base, make sure you lock positions “To World”.

That should do the trick.





I have a doubt. I want to make a workstation to iniciate a subprogram for a robot. How can I do that?

Thank you.


You want a Works Process component or some other component to call a subroutine in robot?

A Works Process component has a RobotProcess task which allows you to call a routine by name in a robot. The robot would need to be connected to a Works Robot Controller and the controller would need to be assigned the task name of the RobotProcess. In those cases, the task name is the name of the routine you want to call in the robot’s program.

Other components can call a routine in a robot program or instruct a robot to execute a subprogram. This could be done using Python and is covered in some of the Python Robotics tutorials on Academy.

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When performing a pick and place task, (move a nut from belt 1 and place it in a bin on belt 2, then the bin is moved along belt 2 to be picked by a 2nd robot for palletization), the bin on belt 2 moves without the the part (the nut) attached. How do I attach the nuts to the bin without using the works process? I saw it work this way in your While Loop tutorial.

Thank in advance.