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is VC Pro able to create a 2D-Text Label that is fully customizable and renderable in animation, like Text2DSet Geometry but with the ability to fix on screen (let’s say in the upper right corner). Specifically I would like to display cycle time and average parts (etc) in my rendered animation in the exact same position, even when I change the view.

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Not really. You could in theory move some 3D geometry with the camera so it would stay in a fixed screen position in a video recording (only) but perspective projection will mess it up.
You could also make a .net plugin that shows such info over the 3D window as an actual 2D overlay, but that is then not included in video (or other types of) recording.
If you just want to produce a video recording with such an overlay, you could render them separately from the same simulation layout and then composite in a video editing software.

I would love to have such a display, where you can change the view.

I did it like @TSy described using 3D geometry, but unfortunately, this does not allow to change the view, see in the appendix.

Test_DisplayStatus.vcmx (29.2 KB)


Exactly that is what I do to achieve reasonable results. Although it would be pretty awesome to have such possibilities in the future releases without any third party tools.


I made an experiment with vcAnnotation that moves with the camera. Try out the attached component. It has a text property that is shown on the annotation. Annotation is moved along with the camera using Application’s OnRender event. You should see something like this:

Be aware that screen reso and view options can affect the location of the text. Also camera will clip the text if camera’s center of interest is far away (zoom out too much). Also this is video only when capturing.


TextOnScreen.vcmx (22.9 KB)

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