2D drawing line issue

Hey everyone I started having a weird issue when trying to make drawings that I never had before and i am not sure how to fix it. went through the drawing tutorial and did not find a solution.

My problem is the drawing is creating all the hidden lines of my geometry making it look like a mess.

as you can see you can barely make out the robots because it is just a bunch of lines on top of each other.

anyone that has had this issue or knows how to fix this please help.


Hi @CarlosPlazas,

I haven’t seen this problem before.
Please contact support@visualcomponents.com if you have activate maintenance subscription. Finding a solution is always faster if you also include an example file.

Have you try by checking these options? Maybe it helps…

Hey Camilo I tried that but no luck thanks for trying to help though
And @Este I will try contacting them and see what they say thanks.

Hi @CarlosPlazas .
I currently have the same issue than you.
Did you find out what was the problem? And how did you solve it?
Thank you

Hey Nico

Sorry to report I never did figure out what the problem was. Luckily I haven’t had the issue for a while in my new layouts.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi, I had the same issue and further investigation shoved that the models were too heavy. There seems to be a maximum limit of triangles/points the VC can compute and if you have settings tab generation quality turned to anything else than the best quality it will just cut off the calculation and show you wireframe style picture. To overcome this problem the best solution is to make your models lightweight. Use convex hull, reduce hole counts and import the models with less details. Remember to show only what is needed with the models.


great info man thanks so much for sharing

Hello all, I encountered a similar issue in both “flavours”:

  • In one case each triangle of the model were separated! So I merged all adjacent vertices in 3dsmax and voilĂ !
  • In another situation, it may be due to an omission in CAD software: missing smoothing groups either during modeling, or in the export parameters. (this one is assumed but not verified)