2D drawing line issue

Hey everyone I started having a weird issue when trying to make drawings that I never had before and i am not sure how to fix it. went through the drawing tutorial and did not find a solution.

My problem is the drawing is creating all the hidden lines of my geometry making it look like a mess.

as you can see you can barely make out the robots because it is just a bunch of lines on top of each other.

anyone that has had this issue or knows how to fix this please help.


Hi @CarlosPlazas,

I haven’t seen this problem before.
Please contact support@visualcomponents.com if you have activate maintenance subscription. Finding a solution is always faster if you also include an example file.

Have you try by checking these options? Maybe it helps…

Hey Camilo I tried that but no luck thanks for trying to help though
And @Este I will try contacting them and see what they say thanks.