2D drawing - change colors/hide views

Hi,Plugin.DrawingTabExtras.dll (16.5 KB)

I made an add-on that allows you to change the color of components within a view or change their visibility, or change the color/hide the whole view.

(However when the drawing is exported the hidden lines are also exported, this has been reported, and is hopefully supported in future releases.)


This is a great plugin, since I make big lay-outs I need to give different colors to components to keep a clear overview.

I have one question:
When I export a top view to the drawing section, all colors seems to reset to ‘Null’.
Is there an option to have a preset, or a fixed color assigned to a component.

for example, I add routing arrows over conveyors to show the direction on a DWG, but there are so many arrows, it is difficult to keep changing the color from null to green or red for example

Hy @line_out ,

can you please upload the dll as zip?

Thx & Regards

how do you add this DLL in order to use it

Drop the .dll to your installation folder.
For example C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Professional 4.5

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Here is the zipped dll:
Plugin.DrawingTabExtras.zip (7.4 KB)