1. Layout Configuration with Essentials

Getting started with Visual Components Essentials 4

Overview on the user interface
Basic application Settings
Basic Commands
Building Layouts from ready-made components
Exporting: image, 3d pdf, video, 2d drawing

Feel free to ask questions below.

Webinar recording:


Slides attached

LayoutConfigurationWebinar.pdf (289 KB)

There was couple of comments in the chat log:

  1. How to move the speed control menu on a side?
    1. Not currently available
  2. How to type in specific simulation speed as a numeric value?
    1. Not currently available
    2. Now you only can slide the bar, hit plus and minus signs and double click on the slider node to set it back to zero.
  3. Mouse clicks are too loud
    1. Sorry the mic was right next to the mouse pad. I'll move it on the other side or will learn to use my mouse with my left hand next time :)
  4. Samuli!!! Turn off your mic!!!
    1. Sorry I left the mic on for too long. My bad.

Overall, you did a great job.

For rewatching value, it would be good to have timestamps or links to certain topics in the video. For example, I will forgot some of the shortcuts for moving and aligning selected objects.

For the mouse clicks and audio, did you record the audio using your laptop microphone? If yes, just use a handset and turn down the volume of the mic. If you were using a handset or headphone mic, either turn down the volume of the mic or use a mic foam.

For long pauses without audio or to cancel out background noise, consider playing a background music track or loop of songs that have a pace you like. This is often used in commentary tracks and the music is basically only audible or recognized by listener when you do not talk for like 5 seconds.

For improving the webinar, leave about 20 minutes at the end for Q&A (5-10 minute break to think about questions and the rest for answering questions). This can often help with planning additional material or the coursework for the next webinar.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I agree with the time stamps. Maybe easiest way to do it is to share youtube links to certain time stamps. (will look into it)

For the sound: it was an external mic, I will change the setup for the future.

I’m planning to play Staying’ alive by the Bee Gees for the long pauses. Maybe replace my voice over completely with that:)

I was not planning to have a live Q&A session. Q&A can happen in this forum thread for now. So if any questions, please ask them here.

If no live Q & A, some ideas:

  1. Consider doing a random giveaway of VC merch to someone in the chat. Not sure if that feature is available for GoToMeeting, but it is quite common in Twitch and YouTube. I'm sure some lucky fan would want a VC shirt, cut the sleeves off and just look shredded. If only I could get my hands on a VC t-shirt...
  2. Request articles or questions from attendees before the stream or meeting. This is commonly done by vloggers and Let's Play performers before a stream either in the form of a hidden stream with a link posted to Twitter followers or before the official start of a stream. This has the benefit of warming you up, interacting with core followers, and adding some food for thought to your presentation.
  3. Do a Q & A session with subscribers only, for example on YouTube. Remember, XSplit can be used to stream Essentials live on YouTube because of DirectX. Of course, the session shouldn't turn into an open support issue pandemonium.
Btw, when is the next VC Partner Day? Winter is coming and I need a VC shirt, and some mustard VC triangle socks would be nice too. Launch the merch store already.