1 human attending to 3 machines

Hi I’m new here.

With reference to “Simulate Process with Human, Machine and Robot” tutorial. In the tutorial, it is 1 human attending to 1 machine.

However, I would like to simulate 1 human attending to 3 machine. How do I do that?

Assuming machine cycle time to be 2min

Assign the Feed task(s) for putting parts in the other two machines to the Human. The same logic as what is shown in tutorial.

I clone the lathe machine 2 times to have 3 machines in total. So I have 3 machines having the same task list. (So I have Feed task in them as well)

There seems to have some bugs when I do that.

Human does not load part into machine A, machine B, machine C then unload part from Machine A then B then C.

As attached is the vcmx file.

1human3machine.vcmx (1.79 MB)

OK, my friend. Let’s help you. If you copy-paste the machines… what do you think the name of the machine referred to in MachineProcess task will be? That’s right, the original machine. So if human places component in MachineB… you would need to change the MachineProcess task in MachineB to call itself not MachineA

An easy fix is to access the Task note of each Works Process component and change the name referred to MachineProcess task to the right machine. Attached is an example.

MachineProcess-tasks-fixed.vcmx (3.74 MB)

Thank you. Now the simulation is working as intended.

I learnt that the clone function doesn’t change the SingleCompName. I will take note of it in future.