1-Click to Create Panoramic Image


Computer browser can see a hotspot on the robot. Try to click it.

Mobile phone can also view it. Landscape mode is better than portrait mode, portrait mode would have distortion.


Panoramic image link


Nice add-on! Are you doing the image stitching with python or .NET?

I guess that Chungmin isn’t stitching at all. He exports 6 images 1 for each direction and the actual stitching is done by Pannellum, right? :smiley:

Exactly, all you need to do is to generate 6 images, Pannellum will stitch cubemap for you. Pannellum is lightweight viewer, very handy.

I like cubemap way more than equirectangular way, only need to take care of 6 directions.

Final goal is to generate 6 videos to to create panoramic video. But not found a good way yet.

Pretty nice!
Where can I download this AddOn?

br Simon


Found a solution to create panoramic video.