Write product properties/variables with PLC

Is there anyway to use a connected PLC to write values to product properties or to variables?
My main objetive is to control a two way crossing conveyor with a CODESYS virtual PLC but it would be nice to learn how to do it for similar situations.


Hi lucanoto,

If you want to connect CODESYS with Visual Components the easiest way is to use a OPC UA connection. This way you can easily connect PLC variables to properties and signals in VC.

There is a video tutorial on how to accomplish this in our Academy: https://academy.visualcomponents.com/lessons/connect-a-remote-opc-ua-server/

Note that many components in VC rely heavily on scripting, and if you start overriding some properties from PLC side you might sometimes get unexpected results. What I mean by this is that sometimes you need to add some custom signals or properties to the components to accomplish the functionality that you are looking for.


Hi Este,

Thanks for the tutorial, but I’ve already managed to connect to the PLC and wanted to know if there was a way or specific component to control other components without having to use python scripts