Works robot controller


If you have done a simulation and use ”Works robot controller” and need to get accurate time for the robots motion.

How to do that in the best way?

I am use a ABB IRB 1200-5/0.9 and below you will find the spec for that robot.

Technical information
(according to ISO 9283)
IRB 1200-5/0.9
1 kg picking cycle
25* 300 * 25mm 0.42s 0.42s
Max TCP Velocity 8.9 m/s
Max TCP Acceleration 36 m/s*s
Acceleration time 0-1m/s 0.06s
Position repeatability RP 0.025 mm

Can you just type in the correct values under the Components properties Speeds ?


Hello tb3sato,

Did you solved your issues to get accurate time in robot motion, using "Works robot controller”??

I have same issue with a Kuka robot.