Works Process on Conveyor Blocks Pathway

I have a works process attached to a conveyor that has a NEED for a plastic tote. At the infeed of the conveyor, I have a pattern generator on a timer. I would like for other plastic totes that get generated to pass through the works process in the meantime, but once the human starts to process the NEED, product will stop behind the works process until that need is satisfied when the human carries over the plastic tote and places on the conveyor. Is there a way to make the processes simultaneous or have the works process ignore other totes that want to pass through (right up until the human throws the tote on to the conveyor)?

– > Prepare a sensor conveyor & add script to grab an object + stop the path if it meets the requirements. In your case the part you would like to stop can have a property with specific value.

– > remove the part from conveyor and throw a signal to activate some human movement to imitate human worker work.

– > immediately activate the path so that other parts can pass.

– > after the time of human work(processing) on the part stop the human movement , immediately stop the path, immediately create a new part & release it on the conveyor.

– > start the path.

Repeat the process with [While True] loop. Use [TriggerCondition()] inside while loop.

Thank you.