Works Need and Feed question

Hi there,

I’m simulating pick and place process with Need and Feed works process and every time the part reaches the end of the conveyor I change its ID and then pick it and place it again on the conveyor but with a different rotation.
I’m trying to repeat that 4 times ( the part is a rectangle)
After doing it 4 times I feed it on a conveyor.
The problem is that I can’t have 4 parts transporting on the conveyor simultaneously (cause of the different Product ID).

Any suggestions?


I could check if you would send your layout

Works with Palletizer.vcmx (1.9 MB)
Here it is…
I want to load 3 parts one after another and then every time I pick the part I want to place it again but with 90-degree rotation after the part makes full spin iI want to unload it to the outfeed pallet. (Maybe when you launch the simulation you will get the idea…)
Sorry I’m bad at explaining…
I’ll be glad if you helped

Thanks in advance!


Hope this one helps you.
I m sure there are hundreds of way to do it but this is the first one came up to my mind.

Example.vcmx (1.5 MB)

Hi ozan,

Thanks for the example… unfortunately “Component or layout file is newer than application.” is one of the errors that I get, the other one is “ERROR: No routine: NewPart found”… and nothing is happening.
Is there a work around this ?

I dont think there is a way to convert file for older versions.

Here is a video of it. You can try to create for yourself