I am trying to use the works forklift, it works just fine but when it approaches to pick up a product it slides in nicely, but next step is to rotate the product 180 degrees which is funny, and next step is to lower down the fork and raise it up again which interferes with the table it is picking from. I tried to change the settings as much as possible but no way to fix these problems. I found the AGV(OLD) folder which had different type of forklift that actually VC uses in their demo layout but I cannot set it up if some can help me fix the problems I have with the works forklift or help me setup the AGV that would be appreciated.


Here are pictures of what I am talking about.

Here you can see the fork already turned the 3 cylinders more the 90 degrees.

Here is when the forlift goes down after picking up the parts and goes up again interfering with the conveyor.


Thank You