Working with the KastoWin saw

Hey there,

i wanted to create a process in which a round metal bar would get sliced into even pieces and gets further processed afterwards. I chose the Kastowin saw for this. Unfortunately the process just doesn’t seem to work. The round bar component just gets stuck in the saw. In the process tab i can clearly see the routine is not getting executed as intended as it never reaches the second step. I modelled the process as a feeder (produces the example product from the kasto) connected to a simple conveyor connected to the kasto maschine and the maschine connected to another conveyor. I have no further idea what to do. I would be real thankful if someone could help me out with this one.

This is my project:

MetallVerarbeitung.vcmx (555.9 KB)

This machines needs products, you have define this producttypes.
Firstly have a look into the meta data of this machine. There you can find How To Use:

You need a feeder which creates products (category pm flow components), not Basic Feeder:


Use “SRB” in Cutting Orders list:


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That solved the problem. I was unaware there was a difference between basic components and products. Thank you very much!