WinMOD Net COM object

Hello guys

We have newly acquired version 4.4 profesional and i am trying to connect it to winmod. Unfortunately
in process of testing connection error occures (photo below)

Failed connection doesnt bother me for now but that error is something differrent, VC was normally installed without problem and connected to floating license. I used program from training and expected for it to work :confused:.

Should i try to reinstall VC 4.4 or is there any other solution ?

Thx forward for any help.

WinMOD Net is an addon of WinMOD.
Make sure that you have this addon installed properly, since it is required to make the connection.

I have reinstalled VC 4.4 and error is still there, also dont really understand what you meant by your answer. I think you meant if those files are in VC file.

Or is there somewhere addon that you mentioned and i didnt find?

The WinMOD Net COM component is a separate install you need to get from Mewes & Partner, the company behind WinMOD.
VC doesn’t distribute that with the VC software, it is just used to implement the communication.

I am still little bit lost, this is where i am stuck for now

For now i downloaded WinMOD Net but there us KU200 near which is written “for Visual Components V4.3 and up”. Should i also download this and if yes, what are next steps ?

This post is because i didnt find any guide for right setup. :confused:

The instructions and prerequisites are written in the Visual Components Help file. It’s a bit hidden, but all the info should be there.

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One last problem
Version of Winmod is, downloaded and run Winmod Net setup (KU200 setup)(for now using same PC for VC and WinMOD).

Any ideas?

Also thx Este and Tsy for help so far.

Have you checked on “M&P License Manager” that your WinMOD license includes KU200 configuration like shown in the following picture?

I did not and it does not. I hope that this was last piece of help i needed. Thank you all for help.