What am i doing wrong that a raycast sensor only sees a object once?

I am trying to use a raycast sensor in my layout to detect items that are in physics. I use a Visual Components box with a physicsentity on it on a physics conveyor. It works the first time the components gets at the end of the conveyor. After that the robot places it a little back on the conveyor and releases the component in physics and in the world. The component gets at the end of the conveyor but is not detected again by the raycast sensor.

Attached are a screenshot of my layout and the layout itself. I would like to know if i am doing something wrong here.

I am using Visual Components 4.0.4

Raycast-Problem.vcmx (468 KB)

Do this

  • In the RaycastSensor properties, enable TestParent and then set DetectionContainer to Null.
What I suspect is the box is not released and contained by the Physics Path by robot, so the sensor wasn't detected it.
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Great that works, thanks!