Welding Sparks


I was interested in understanding how the sparks are turned on/off in the demo model:

Spotwelding BiW

I see this is a component part within the welding head, which I imagine is turned on/off via signals, but I’m not able to pinpoint where the code for this attached.

If anyone knows or can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

Many thanks,


Looks like the sparks are geometry that act like a sprite. In the spot weld tool, there are spark nodes that have geometry features for the spark geometry. Whoever created it or knows, can tell you where the script is, otherwise good luck digging around for it.

Yes, the spark are geometry.

The trick is the Sx(*Torch).Sy(*Torch).Sz(*Torch) in node’s joint expression

When *Torch is zero, show nothing.

Simply change the Torch or Torch2 value, spark will appear.


Check tool’s script.

When robot trigs tool’s specific signal, script changes Torch and Torch2’s values.