Way to simulate Robot downtime not through a Works Processor?

I am able to simulate downtime based on Works Processors using MTBF and MTTR. But I am wondering if it is possible to have downtime simulated through a robot? Is this done through programming? How would a Works Anna know to repair the robot?

In my specific situation, I have a turntable with Works Processors on each side. But when I have the Works Processor go down, it may not be on the robot side (simulating a robot “mishap”). I have a “Team Leader” Anna that will come to fix any downtime repairs while the Works Anna takes parts off a conveyor. Is there a way to simulate a robot going down that isn’t through a Works Processor?

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I would like to know this as well I am working on implementing MTBF and MTTR I did the tutorial and figured out how to do it to a simple machine using python script but I do not know how to do it using robots. Any help would be appreciated.